What’s going on?

You might have heard some scary things about something called “self-id”, but luckily that stuff just isn’t true!  Self-id has actually been available in New Zealand for years on passports and driver licences, and nothing bad has happened.  Some people are using the proposed changes to birth certificates as an excuse to start fear mongering and spreading nasty rumours about trans people.  In reality, trans people just want to get on and live their lives in peace, just like everyone else, and self-id makes it easier for them to get the right documents to access accommodation and employment without people discriminating against them.

Being trans isn’t easy, and people don’t do it just for fun or to get access to toilets.  Transitioning is hard and trans people only do it because they have a persistent feeling that they are not assigned the right gender at birth, and the only way they can be happy is to transition.  Most people can’t even imagine how that feels.

Let your MP know that you haven’t fallen for the silly rumours and that you support self-id!

There are lots of resources available on the web to give you more information about trans people and the benefits of self-id:


Changing the BDMRRA so it is fair for everyone, based on the existing passports policy

UN guidance

Human Rights Commssion guidance

Public Health Association guidance